About Us

By Kids, For Kids, Helps Kids, inspired by the plight of a child, seeks to engage teens to create playhouses for kids and donates the funds raised by raffling the playhouses to kid-oriented charities. The first such cause was Respite Care of Fort Collins. The inaugural whimsical playhouse was designed and built, largely from recycled and donated materials, by Rohan Goel. As a result of the project’s success, he established the By Kids, For Kids, Helps Kids foundation to involve other teens working together to benefit even more kids with special needs.


rohan inside

Rohan's Story

"Our name, By Kids, For Kids, Helps Kids, abreviates the mission of the foundation: the project is done by kids; it creates a product for kids; its proceeds support disadvantaged kids.

"My journey was started when I witnessed the actions of a unique organization called Respite Care, as they came to the rescue of a disabled child. The incident occurred in the summer of my sophomore year during a theatrical ice-skating show in which I was participating. Right then I resolved to support Respite by raising funds and by helping promote its mission in our community.

"My successful venture to design, build and raffle the playhouse was aided through generous donations of time, materials and guidance from contractors, businessmen, and from the work and spirit of children. The outpouring of interest and support inspired me to establish the foundation, By Kids, For Kids, Helps Kids; it now invites teenagers to design and build a playhouse each year to continue to help organizations such as Respite Care in achieving their goals. " — Rohan Goel

The Foundation

The By Kids, For Kids, Helps Kids foundation now partners with the community to engage many more teens to design, plan, and build one playhouse each year. As before, the teen team will continue to seek donations of materials and funding to build its next playhouse. The team also volunteers in children-oriented charitable institutions to contribute to and better understand the needs of kids. Building each playhouse is a year-long project, starting with the assembly of each year's team and ending with the donation of proceeds to a selected children's facility.

Take Action

This website is a way for interested teens to get in touch with the year's project leaders.

It also is a way for donors, sponsors and mentors to get engaged with the project.

This is a small but enthusiastic initiative. We hope it grows every year with more community participation, and an influx of new faces, new leaders, and always, more sponsors and mentors!