July, 2012

This is the 2012 playhouse...

bykids playhouse 2012

and here's a peek inside.

bykids 2012 playhouse interior view




February-March, 2011


As the new playhouse project begins for 2011, the truck is loaded with donated materials.

The foundation for the 2011 playhouse is completed by the construction crew!

The construction volunteers work together to prime and paint the donated siding.


February, 2011

This year we started with a new, enthusiastic group of volunteers. The interest in the project and its mission, now in its 3rd year, was overwhelming! Again this year, we are committing the funds from the Playhouse raffle to Respite Care.

The 2011 the organization decided to take on a new initiative, encouraging teen volunteers to work directly with Respite Care. These volunteers will work with the children at Respite on a weekly basis, participating in crafts and engaging in other supporting activities.

The Playhouse building team is gathering materials, understanding this year's design, putting their plans together, and also meeting with community donors. The construction phase will continue into the Spring, 2011.

playhouse team 2011

2011 Playhouse Crew & Respite Care Staff: Left to Right

Front Row: Alison Hines, Development Director, Respite Care; Griffin Paul, junior; Forrester Tamkun, Junior; Andrea Arreguin, junior; Tai Sandoval-Gabel, senior; LeAnn Massey, Executive Director, Respite Care, Inc.

Back Row: Charlie Linkenheil, junior; Rohan Goel; Filip Gibarac, senior.


Respite Care Volunteers 2011
Student Volunteers for Respite Care 2011:

Front Row: Emma Carr, Stephanie Frisinger, Leah Cooper; all seniors.

Back Row: Casey McEvoy, Ayla Staelin-Lefsky, Aeriel Belk, Bailey Zweifel, Maya Stokes, Nina Burnham, Paul Munn, Rohan Goel; all seniors.